Efficiency of Influencer Marketing for Travel Brands

  • Posted On : 2024-07-04
Efficiency of Influencer Marketing for Travel Brands

Once considered a luxury, travelling has now become a necessity for many. Today, travelling is considered an avenue for escapism from the normal life hustle by many folks. It is seen as a means of discovering unexplored lands, gaining fresh perspectives or just storing memories that will be remembered later.

However, social media has changed the manner in which individuals strategize vis-a-vis their excursions, have adventures, and share information. This change has paved the way for the travel influencers who have become central figures in the travel industry.

From where these travel influencers stand now, they have seen enough of the road to understand how it must be travelled. With such experiences and stories of each trip, they inspire millions of people to take that trip they have always wanted, explore new destinations, learn about different cultures, and try unique experiences.

Consequently, travel brands have recognized the potential it holds by partnering with these influencers to reach the travel enthusiasts who happen to be their target audience. This makes influencer marketing for travel companies one of the most authoritative ways for customer acquisition and increase brand awareness.

Take Anunay Sood, for example, one of the most loved Indian travel influencers who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Agoda, a famous travel company, recently collaborated with him along with the assistance of an influencer marketing agency to launch a travel influencer marketing campaign. In which he narrated and showcased his complete Dubai trip and how he had made the itinerary with the help of Agoda. His reel received more than 300k views and almost 10k engagements.

Having understood that in bits and pieces, we’ll move further ahead in the blog, where we will discuss each aspect in core detail. First up, we’ll discuss the benefits of influencer marketing in the travel industry.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Travel Brands

1. Raise Brand Awareness via Stunning, Informative Content

Travel brands have the potential to increase brand recognition using attractive, informative content and story narratives through influencer marketing. These types of content photos showing amazing scenery clips with cute scenes from different moments as well as unique experiences may attract attention among their own audiences. It also contributes to more individuals discovering about the brand, which subsequently raises the odds that one might think of taking such a venture.

2. Humanize Corporate Travel Brands with a Personality, Experience and Real People

Influencer marketing for travel brands can humanise your brand by adding personality, real experiences and real people into it. When influencers share their personal travel stories and adventures, it makes the brand feel more relatable and authentic. Instead of just seeing a faceless corporation, potential customers see real people enjoying real experiences. This connection can build trust and make the brand more appealing, as people are more likely to be drawn to a brand that feels genuine and approachable.

3. Keeps Your Brand On-trend

Influencer marketing in the tourism industry will definitely assist you in maintaining the relevancy of your travel brand. That is exactly the reason travel influencers are among the first to discover new travel trends, destinations, and experiences. In this way, your brand will remain popular among young people and always remain a priority for potential tourists. When influencers share the newest hotspots or the latest travel hacks, your brand is associated with being up-to-date and in-the-know.

4. Build Audience Trust Through Authenticity

When travel influencers share their genuine experiences and honest opinions, their followers have already put trust in them. This trust extends to the brands they endorse. Instead of feeling like a typical advertisement, the recommendations come across as personal suggestions from a friend. This authenticity makes people more likely to trust and choose your brand. This partnership can create a trustworthy and credible image, making it easier for potential customers to feel confident in their decision to travel with you.

5. Improve Brand Perception and Engagement

Influencers sharing a bright side of a travel brand influence brand perception among their followers. If your favourite figure enjoys the services of a brand, your brand's image becomes more interesting and worthy of trust to those audiences. Besides, the engagement those influencers bring can increase interaction on your social media platforms and create a buzz around your brand.

These benefits are only a few among several benefits associated with influencer marketing for travel and tourism companies to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones.

Now, to see travel influencer marketing in action, here is one of the best examples of an ongoing collaboration.

An Example of Influencer Marketing in the Indian Travel Industry

Air India Express X Radhika Nomllers

Air India Express, an Indian airline company, recently collaborated with Radhika Nomllers, a well-known female travel influencer in India.

Objective: Air India Express aimed to promote its new "Xpress Lite" feature, a cabin baggage-only fare designed to save passengers money. The basic reason was to generate awareness and underline the cost reduction aspects of such a kind of service which is unique in India.

Strategy: The airline collaborated with Radhika Nomllers to create a reel explaining the "Xpress Lite'' feature. By leveraging her influence and engaging storytelling, they intended to reach a broader audience and generate interest in the new fare option.

Influencer: Radhika Nomllers was the perfect choice, especially because this feature is designed for people who prefer to travel light, which aligns perfectly with Radhika's travel style. Her authentic style, combined with her habit of packing light, made her an ideal partner to spread the benefits of "Xpress Lite'' to her followers.

Results: The collaboration was a success, with the reel garnering over 150k views and 5k engagements. This high level of interaction increased brand visibility and also successfully conveyed the cost-saving advantages of the "Xpress Lite" fare to a wide audience.

Wrapping Up

In the end, travel industry influencer marketing companies stand to gain a big deal from the said marketing strategy by leveraging the industry leaders’ influence and power over their followers. To that matter, building authentic and engaging campaigns can drive growth and brand loyalty in this lively travel market.