Top Fashion Influencers In India - Fashion Instagram Influencers 2024

  • Posted On : 2024-24-05
Top Fashion Influencers In India - Fashion Instagram Influencers 2024

Fashion is probably the most influential art of our time. It’s the art of wearing your story on your sleeve, quite literally. But, I think fashion is more than that. Fashion is not just how one looks on the outside, but it is also aimed at our personality.

It's the confidence of a bold red lipstick, the sophistication of a little black dress, and the audacity of an experimental runway piece that challenges norms. Ultimately, fashion is personal yet universal. It's about daring to be different and embracing individuality yet fitting in and keeping up with trends.

But somehow, still, there is a gap somewhere in between because we can’t seem to put together an outfit without doubting ourselves. This uncertainty is precisely why people look up to fashion influencers in India for inspiration.

These influencers help their audience fill gaps in their fashion with tips and recommendations. They bridge this gap and offer a blend of creativity and confidence that empowers us to express ourselves boldly and authentically.

Let me give you a very recent example of an epic fashion craze moment that took not only Instagram but the entire internet by storm!

Nancy Tyagi recently made her debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, and let me just tell you, the blooming influencer blossomed into this gorgeous pink ruffled gown at the event and captivated a million hearts. It was surreal to witness her grace the red carpet with such elegance and leave an impression none would dare forget.

Her presence at Cannes not only marked a milestone in her career but also showcased her impeccable fashion sense and poise on an international stage. Not to mention, the magnificent gown was made by Nancy herself with 1000 metres of fabric within 30 days. While she became an overnight sensation after her Cannes Debut, it took her a lot of hard work and patience to reach that point.

An influencer means inspiring a community through their way of life, and Nancy is a living example of this. With this, let’s see how influencers bridge the gap in their audience's fashion knowledge. By sharing their tips, recommendations, and personal experiences, influencers like Nancy empower their followers to express themselves boldly and authentically through fashion.

Having said that, here is a list of top fashion influencers in India that might change your outlook with impeccable fashion sense and creativity with different types of clothes and styles. This is why fashion brands (big and small) work with fashion Influencers in India on profitable promotional campaigns under the guidance of the top influencer marketing agency.

But before we get to the list, let me quickly walk you through who these fashion influencers are and the types of fashion influencers in India.

Who are Fashion Influencers?

Fashion Influencers are industry experts who possess the knowledge, creativity, style, and allure to shape trends and inspire their audience. These influencers leverage Instagram to share their insights, recommendations, advice, and tips on fashion and current trends with their followers.

In addition to that, they have the potential to influence their follower’s opinions and change their purchasing behaviour.

Types of Fashion Influencers

There are 5 types of Fashion Influencers based on their follower count. Let’s look at the classification of the fashion influencer.

  1. Nano Fashion Influencers- 1K to 5K followers
  2. Micro Fashion Influencers- 5K to 100K followers
  3. Mid-tier Fashion Influencers- 100K to 500K followers
  4. Macro Fashion Influencers- 500K to 1 million followers
  5. Mega Fashion Influencers- More than 1 million followers

We have understood the part of who fashion influencers are and the types of fashion influencers, now it’s time to understand why? Why are people inclined towards fashion influencers? What are the reasons behind it?

Why do Fashion Influencers Matter so Much?

People gravitate towards fashion influencers for a multitude of reasons. Let’s discuss them one by one with examples.

  • Firstly, influencers offer a sense of authenticity and relatability that traditional advertising often misses.
    Because let’s face it, people would much rather watch Aashna Shroff doing a Nykaa haul or sharing her best Nykaa finds than see Jhanvi Kapoor on a static billboard or a monotonous pop-up ad telling us to "Shop Now." Influencers like Aashna make products come alive with their engaging and personal content, making the whole shopping experience way more interactive and fun with their personal touch.

  • Secondly, influencers provide a constant stream of inspiration, showing us how to work the latest trends into our everyday looks.
    Take Komal Pandey, for example. She’s a well-known and beloved fashion influencer in India who doesn’t just tell us the latest styles and trends. Instead, she shows and teaches how to style a traditional saree in multiple modern ways, or how to mix and match high-street fashion with designer pieces, or how to find the cheapest version of your favourite designer bags in Sarojini or Janpath. These influencers, with their creative videos and highly detailed posts, help their followers see how they can adapt these styles to their own wardrobes.

  • Lastly, the interactive nature of social media allows followers to engage directly with influencers, creating a community where fashion advice is personalised and immediate.
    For instance, Masoom Minawala frequently holds Q&A sessions and live chats. During these sessions, her followers can ask her specific questions about styling, get instant feedback, and even request advice for particular occasions or outfits. This direct communication helps her audience feel engaged and valued, making sure they feel important and that their opinions matter—plus, they get the answers to their questions immediately and receive personalised fashion advice that is timely and relevant.

Now that you have an understanding of the fashion industry, let’s get you to explore the top fashion influencers in India in 2024.

List of The Top 15 Fashion Instagrammer in India 2024

Surbhi Rathore

1. Surbhi Rathore

Instagram: surbhirathore3_


Surbhi has a knack for creating her own traditional wear. She chooses the fabrics, materials and designs herself and then gets them stitched. This highlights her creativity and keen sense of fashion.

About the Creator:

Surbhi has 3.7 million followers on her Instagram account. She has been a fashion sensation in India for quite some time now. She was recently awarded as the Emerging Influencer of the Year 2024 in the beauty category. Surbhi’s forte lies in mixing and matching different styles of casual wear, as well as ethnic and Western attire.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 3-4%, an average of 3.5 million views, and 130k average engagements. Surbhi has recently worked with brands like Yutika Natural, Urbanic and more.

Mohak Narang

2. Mohak Narang

Instagram: mohak.narang


In addition to Mohak’s stylish, classic, casual chic look content, he often posts fun and engaging fashion challenges with fellow fashion creators.

About the Creator:

Mohak has 3.5 million Instagram followers and is well-known for his content on streetwear and luxury fashion both. In October 2023, Mohak got an extraordinary opportunity to walk down the runway at the Lakme Fashion Week. On his posts, he adds detailed captions that explain the inspiration behind his look, the brands he's wearing, and offer styling tips.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5-6%, an average of 2 million views, and 125k average engagements. Mohak has recently worked with brands like TATA CLiQ Luxury, Charged by ThumbsUp, Samsung, etc.

Somya Daundkar

3. Somya Daundkar

Instagram: somya_daaundkar


Somya is an influencer who uniquely combines fashion with the art of dance in her posts.

About the Creator:

Somya has a total of 2.8 million followers on Instagram. Somya's vibrant personality shows through her fashion choices, which inspires her followers with her stunning traditional attire. Besides being a fashion icon and dancer, she's an avid traveler, having explored destinations like the UAE, Thailand, Manali, Kerala, etc.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 8-10%, an average of 1 million views, and 100k average engagements. Somya has recently worked with brands like Maruti Suzuki, Tic Tac, Myntra, Cetaphil, etc.

Karron S Dhingra

4. Karron S Dhingra

Instagram: theformaledit


Karron is the one and only influencer who uses his expertise to transform the lives of everyday individuals, such as farmers, hawkers, factory workers, etc, through makeovers.

About the Creator:

Karron has 2.1 million Instagram followers and often goes by the name ‘The Formal Edit’. Karron has carved out a niche in the fashion sector that is men’s formal clothing and grooming so his content revolves around that. Karron was recently featured by Forbes India as one of the Digital Stars of the Fashion and Lifestyle category.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 4-5%, an average of 2 million views, and 100k average engagements. Dhingra has recently worked with brands like Maruti Suzuki, Motorola, Samsung, NEXA, etc.

Komal Pandey

5. Komal Pandey

Instagram: komalpandeyofficial


Komal Pandey is popularly called the "Couture Queen" by fashion enthusiasts nationwide.

About the Creator:

Komal Pandey has about 1.9 million followers on Instagram. She is known for her bold looks and presents fashion styles you don't see every day. On her profile, You can literally find content on everything from fit clothing, makeup, festival/seasonal outfits to traditional attire and a mix of many styles. Komal has been featured by Forbes India in the Top 100 Digital Stars list. She has also been awarded as one of the 35 most influential young Indians by GQ India.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5.62%, an average of 3 million views, and 200k average engagements. Komal has recently worked with brands like Swarovski, Coca-Cola, Nivea, Lakme, etc.

Sunny Chopra

6. Sunny Chopra

Instagram: ssunnychoppra


Sunny Chopra is famous for his GRWM videos with a dash of humour in his content.

About the Creator:

Sunny Chopra has a total of 1.9 million Instagram followers. The influencer is adored by his followers for his magnetic charm, stylish looks, and diverse content. He shares his fashionable outfits with the viewers, mostly ranging from casual streetwear to formal attire. Sunny Chopra received the Best Fashion Content Creator Award by Lokmat in 2023.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5-6%, an average of 1 million views, and 50-60k average engagements. Chopra has recently worked with brands like Philips, Bombay Shaving Company, Paperkraft, Snitch, etc.

Kritika Khurana

7. Kritika Khurana

Instagram: thatbohogirl


Kritika Khurana is a Diva in the Indian fashion industry and a certified fashion designing expert with a smile that can lighten up your day.

About the Creator:

Kritika Khurana, also known as “That Boho Girl,” is a major fashion figure in the country. She has 1.8 million followers on her account and is known for her insightful fashion and style tips, engaging commentary, and quirky comments on her posts. Just last year, Kritika was awarded the Times 40 Under 40 award and she also won the Lifestyle Influencer Award of the Year 2023 by Cosmopolitan India.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5-7%, an average of 1 million views, and 70k average engagements. Kritika has recently worked with brands like L’Oreal Paris, Ajio, Pantene, Maybelline, etc.

Isha Borah

8. Isha Borah

Instagram: ishaborah


Isha is a sustainable fashion influencer who is renowned for caring about the environment and promoting minimal buying.

About the Creator:

Isha has almost 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and let me just tell you, she is a beauty blessed beyond perfection. She prioritises using less to make you look your best. To that end, Isha provides tons of tips on styling your outfits, reusing clothes in different ways, etc. Isha's advice on styling and reusing kurtas and sarees for Diwali helped many women practice sustainable fashion. Isha was recently featured as the Face of the Month in the Face Magazine in October 2023.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5-6%, an average of 2 million views, and 100k average engagements. Isha has recently worked with brands like Ajio, Lakme, Nivea, KitKat, etc.

Nancy Tyagi

9. Nancy Tyagi

Instagram: nancytyagi___


Nancy Tyagi is the only fashion creator in India who designs and creates her own dresses, literally—from designing to selecting the fabrics and materials to stitching, she does it all by herself and then presents them to her audience.

About the Creator:

Nancy’s current follower count is 1.8 million, and take my word for it—it is only going to grow from now on. The recent sensation of Instagram just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and the internet went crazy about it. Nancy graced the Red Carpet with her utterly beautiful pink ruffled gown, which she made herself with 1000 meters of fabric within a month.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5-6%, an average of 6 million views, and 350k average engagements. Nancy has recently worked with brands like CaratLane, Love Beauty & Planet, Ponds, Bhansali Productions, Lakme, MakeO Skin, etc.

Anirudh Sharma

10. Anirudh Sharma

Instagram: anirudhh_sharma


Anirudh has brilliantly combined different styles to create bold and exciting new trends.

About the Creator:

Anirudh has a total of 1.5 million followers and is known for his ability to style a wide range of looks. From retro and vintage to punk and streetwear, he excels in them all and looks fantastic doing it. Additionally, Lokmat awarded Anirudh as the Lifestyle Content Creator award in 2023. He has also launched his new music video ‘SADDEN’ on YouTube.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 6-7%, an average of 1 million views, and 60-70k average engagements. Anirudh has recently worked with brands like Ajio, Realme, Nykaa, Happiness in a Bottle, etc.

Aayushi Verma

11. Aayushi Verma

Instagram: aayushiivermaa


Aayushi Verma is one of the most beautiful and talented Indian fashion Influencers. She's got the looks, style and personality that can captivate any fashion enthusiast.

About the Creator:

Aayushi Verma has 1.5 million Instagram followers. She can pick trends from other niches and use them to create exciting fashion content. She can lip-sync through your heart and mind while giving you fashion goals. The fashion influencer adorns Indian and Western styles and is best known for her transition videos.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 8-10%, an average of 2 million views, and 200k average engagements. Aayushi has recently worked with brands like Beardo, Whisper, Love Beauty & Planet, Dot & Key, etc.

Masoom Minawala Mehta

12. Masoom Minawala Mehta

Instagram: masoomminawala


Masoom Minawala Mehta is an investor, fashion creator and CEO of Style Fiesta, India’s first online fashion website.

About the Creator:

Over the years, Masoom has gained 1.3 million followers and become one of the key figures in taking Indian fashion globally. She made history by becoming the first Indian to walk the runway for Milan Fashion Week. Masoom also frequently appeared at Paris, London, Milan, and New York fashion weeks. Masoom was listed in Forbes list of 30 under 30 for Asia, and she has also been the winner of Cosmopolitan Luxury Fashion Influencer for two years.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 3-4%, an average of 600k views, and 10-15k average engagements. Masoom has recently worked with brands like Kerastase, All Things Baby, L’Oreal Paris, Strch India, etc.

Rajvee Gandhi

13. Rajvee Gandhi

Instagram: rxjvee


Rajvee is one of the creators who became extremely popular with the rise of TikTok for her fashion sense and sarcasm.

About the Creator:

Rajvee has amassed a total of 1.2 million followers on her Instagram. Now, she is known for her popular series of content called ‘AnotherDayAnotherEvent’. She also creates content around the latest and upcoming trends in the fashion industry. Rajvee attends a lot and I mean A LOT of fashion events. Just recently, she was invited to events hosted by Nothing India, Diesel, Hyphen, Guess, Birkenstock, Huda Beauty X Nykaa, and many more.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 6-7%, an average of 400k views, and 30k average engagements. Rajvee has recently worked with brands like RealMe, Love Beauty & Planet, TRESemme, Vivo, etc.

Doll Daundkar

14. Doll Daundkar

Instagram: doll.daundkar


Doll is best known for her impeccable Halloween looks—the creativity, makeup, and outfit will leave you spellbound.

About the Creator:

Doll Daundkar has built a community of 1.2 million followers. Doll is loved for her exceptional fashion sense, impeccable makeup skills, and creative content. She also shares seasonal content, highlighting must-have summer essentials and trendy summer outfits according to each season's latest trends.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 5-6%, an average of 500k views, and 25-30k average engagements. Doll has recently worked with brands like Flipkart, Myntra, Dot & Key, etc.

Rupali Hasija

15. Rupali Hasija

Instagram: curlgirlofficial


Along with being a fashion fashion creator, Rupali is also a motivational speaker.

About the Creator:

Over the years, Rupali has built a community of more than 1.1 million followers. Rupali’s content not only revolves around fashion but also about skincare, lifestyle and motivation. In 2023, Rupali had the prestigious opportunity to speak at TEDxMGMU and received an award for her outstanding contributions. Additionally, she was featured in the Forbes Top 100 Digital Stars in 2022.

The creator receives an engagement rate of 3-4%, an average of 1 million views, and 45-50k average engagements. Rupali has recently worked with brands like Olay, Lakme, Dove, L’Oreal, Maybelline, etc.


Your search for fashion influencers ends here with this compilation of India's top fashion influencers to get inspired from. Explore their unique styles, soak in their creativity, and get inspired by your favourite fashion personality.