Top Indian Gaming YouTubers - Top Gaming YouTube Channels in India 2024

  • Posted On : 2024-25-06
Top Indian Gaming YouTubers - Top Gaming YouTube Channels in India 2024

Do you know that the Indian gaming market is expected to reach 7.5 billion dollars by 2025? The number of gamers is also going to rise to 700 million by then (Source: Economic Times). Gaming has not remained an activity just for leisure, it is now a full-fledged career—a career that offers gaming YouTubers a creative flair and the opportunity to influence and inspire millions of audiences who regularly watches their content and engage with it.

Further, these YouTubers are taking the gaming community forward by participating in international stages, competitions, live streams, and collaborations with other gamers around the world, making them the top Indian gaming YouTubers.

This level of engagement presents a golden opportunity for brands. By collaborating with these gaming YouTubers , relevant brands can partner with them to tap into their vast and engaged audiences.

We’ll get to our list of the top Indian Gaming YouTubers. But just before that, let’s quickly understand who are Gaming YouTubers and the different types of Gaming YouTube channels.

Who are Gaming YouTubers?

Gaming YouTubers are creators who create content revolving around games. They post game reviews, game products, gameplays, live streams, etc. They are typically the first ones to cross the hardest levels of a game, tap into new games, teach tricks to get better or discuss trends or news in the gaming sector.

Types Of Gaming YouTube Channels

  1. Tutorial Creators- These gamers will provide you with a step by step guide as to how to master a particular game, improve your techniques, etc.
  2. Competitive Gamers- These gamers play competitive games and stream it, cover other professional tournaments, analyse it or provide commentaries on it.
  3. Streamers- These top gaming YouTubers tap into the trending games by streaming their gameplay, providing commentaries, interacting with their fans, etc. Fellow gamers connect a lot deeply with these gamers.
  4. Gaming and News Analysis- These categories of gamers provide you with what is going on in the industry ranging from what all is releasing in India to trends in the gaming industry.

Now, coming to our carefully-curated list of the top Indian gaming YouTubers compiled by the best influencer marketing agency in India. In the list, we are going to cover some of the biggest Indian gaming YouTubers who have already made a name for themselves through their gameplays, commentaries, etc.

List of the top 12 Gaming YouTubers in India

Total Gaming

1. Total Gaming

Youtube: Total Gaming


Total Gaming is one of the few channels that makes sure to take the feedback or demands of its audience and provide just that so they feel a part of the community.

About the Creator:

Total Gaming, aka Ajay is the most subscribed YouTube gaming channel in India with 42.1 million subscribers. He streams gameplays of famous games on PC and mobile ranging from Call of Duty, free fire, GTA 5, etc.

His entertaining commentary and consistent uploads make him loved by his audience. Another reason why he is one of the most famous people in the gaming sector is his authenticity, he never fails to accept his failures which helps him develop a great connection with the audience.

Techno Gamerz

2. Techno Gamerz

Youtube: Techno Gamerz


Techno Gamerz was the first gaming YouTuber who started creating tutorials for aspiring amateur players.

About the Creator:

Techno Gamerz, aka Ujjwal Chaurasia is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in the gaming field with more than 40.8 million subscribers. He started his gaming career in the middle of 2010, and thanks to his interesting content, he quickly developed a generous fan base.

He was one of the first gamers to start learning about many games rather than just mastering one. This has given him one of the most loyal audiences, taking his engagement rate to an all-time high.

AS Gaming

3. AS Gaming

Youtube: AS Gaming


AS Gaming is one of the smartest Indian gaming Youtubers as he catches on to games that are trending and masters them in no time.

About the Creator:

AS Gaming, aka Sahil Rana has gained 20.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He gives tutorials, gameplays, techniques, and tricks to overcome levels, and a great commentary to engage his audience. He even has vlogs on his channels to make a deeper connection with his audience.

He has a total of over 200 crore views and his most popular video alone has 25 million views. This is the kind of influence he has in the sector making him one of the ideal gaming YouTubers to collaborate with and get great benefits.

Lokesh Gamer

4. Lokesh Gamer

Youtube: Lokesh Gamer


Lokesh Gamer’s friends and audiences call him “The Diamond King” because of his exceptional in-game skills.

About the Creator:

Lokesh Gamer, aka Lokesh Raj, is one of the best YouTube gaming channels if you want to learn or improve your skills in games like Free Fire. His YouTube channel has a total of 15.8 million subscribers. Lokesh beats his competitors by going into the sub-niche and providing regular content on this particular game.

He is the ideal partner to collaborate with, as he possesses a loyal fanbase who takes his recommendations seriously. He is also one of the most consistent gaming YouTubers, which helps him stay in front of the target audience in a relevant way.

Gyan Gaming

5. Gyan Gaming

Youtube: Gyan Gaming


Gyan Gaming is a channel where you will find a lot of interaction with his followers as he talks with authenticity.

About the Creator:

Gyan Gaming, aka Ankit Sujan is a gaming YouTube channel that focuses on the Indian audience by playing games trending in the country ranging from Freefire to Fortnight or Minecraft, etc. The channel has a total of 16.3 million subscribers and the creator is from Kolkata, West Bengal.

He also performs commentary in Hindi and with relatable examples making his connection with the audience even stronger. If you are looking for an influencer who has command in the field and gets a lot of viewership, then this is the ideal one.

Desi Gamers

6. Desi Gamers

Youtube: Desi Gamers


Desi Gamers got prodigious achievement in his life by being India’s Frontline representative in Garena Free Fire at the age of only 24.

About the Creator:

Desi Gamers, aka Amit sharma is one of the best Indian gaming YouTubers who not just play the most in-demand games but also collaborate with the top gaming YouTubers in the field in gameplays, commentaries, etc. His YouTube channel has a total of 15.4 million subscribers and counting.

He is also famous for making quality content for showing gratitude to his audience like his latest music video “Sapne” which shows his journey and thanks his audience. His most popular video has over 21 million views while he clocks in an average of 500k views even if he experiments with different formats.

Dynamo Gaming

7. Dynamo Gaming

Youtube: Dynamo Gaming


Dynamo Gaming’s quality content has made him one of the best images in the industry, and people look up to him as their idol.

About the Creator:

Aditya Deepak Sawant, aka Dynamo Gaming, is one of the fastest-growing Indian gaming YouTubers. His channel has about 10 million subscribers on YouTube. He began posting videos on his YouTube account, "Dynamo Gaming," while playing games like Battlefield, GTA, and Apex in 2010.

He revealed in an interview that he saw the TV program "Dynamo Magician" as a kid, and that's where the name for his YouTube channel came from. He uploads a variety of content ranging from gameplays, product reviews, and many more.

Carry is Live

8. Carry is Live

Youtube: Carry is Live


Carry is Live has been regular ever since the initiation of his channel and his entertainment and skills factor make him unique in the industry.

About the Creator:

Ajey Nagar, Carry Minati aka Carry is Live is one of those YouTube gaming channels which has the highest credibility in the country. His channel has about 12.2 million subscribers. Ajey Nagar is one of the top gaming YouTubers who has the highest subscribed independent YouTube channel in India “Carryminati”.

His passion for gaming and taking the sport forward motivated him to open this channel. He is the judge in the gaming show by Amazon, collaborates with the topmost gaming-related brands, and uses his platform to encourage others in the field.


9. Mythpat

Youtube: Mythpat


Mythpat is well known for his friendly pranks on PUBG with comedic voices mimicking prominent celebrities of India.

About the Creator:

Mithilesh Patankar, often known online as Mythpat, is an Indian gaming YouTuber who plays GTA and Minecraft and uploads humorous gaming videos to the site. His YouTube channel currently has about 15 million subscribers. Mythpat started off on YouTube by publishing instructional cameo videos with PUBG and GTA 5.

On PUBG, he played practical jokes on players by impersonating well-known Indian actors, with Hrithik Roshan being his most well-known portrayal. This gave him recognition, and ever since, he has continued to experiment with new gaming-related videos that his audience enjoys.

Two Side Gamers

10. Two Side Gamers

Youtube: Two Side Gamers


Two Side Gamers are well known for interacting with their audiuring their gameplay which leads to their videos having a lot of engagement.

About the Creator:

Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka are two cousins who are also known as Two Side Gamers online. Their YouTube channel has about 12.6 million subscribers. On the channel, you will find a lot of mobile and PC games being played, along with their commentary, which consists of funny banter, etc.

They are one of the most consistent Indian gaming YouTubers as well which gives them a great growth rate and influence in the space. They frequently participate in competitions and updates about it on the platform giving their followers an opportunity to even play with them. They are also highly creative and know about the gaming space inside out.

Free Fire India Official

11. Free Fire India Official

Youtube: Free Fire India Official


Free Fire India Official should be your go-to YouTube channel if you want to know anything and everything about Garena Free Fire.

About the Creator:

Free Fire India Official is the main YouTube channel of the battle royale game Garena Free Fire, catering to the Indian audience. Currently, the channel has a total of 15.4 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel offers gameplay videos showcasing intense matches, strategies, and tips to help players improve their skills.

The channel also highlights the coverage of major Free Fire events, both local and international, including tournaments and championship series. They also show highlights from special in-game events, seasonal updates, and new feature launches.

Badge 99

12. Badge 99

Youtube: Badge 99


Badge 99 stands out with his strategic Free Fire gameplay, engaging millions of subscribers with expert tips, live streams, and high-energy tutorials.

About the Creator:

Bharat Singh, aka Badge 99 is a leading Indian gaming YouTuber known for his Free Fire content. The YouTuber is from Uttarakhand, India and has more than 11 million subscribers on his channel. The channel features a variety of Free Fire-related content, including gameplay videos, tutorials, and live streams.

His videos often showcase strategies, tips, and highlights from his gameplay, which keeps his audience engaged. His engaging content has garnered millions of views, with individual videos frequently achieving high view counts. The channel has a total of 1.5 billion views.

Wrapping Up

As we have reached towards conclusion, these top gaming YouTubers stand out in the arena of the gaming industry. Their creative content, willingness to do something different than others and the ability to put together strategic ideas in gameplay have captured millions of subscribers and also set new benchmarks in the world of online gaming entertainment.