Top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE - Top YouTube Channels in Middle East 2024

  • Posted On : 2024-13-06
Top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE - Top YouTube Channels in Middle East 2024

When YouTube was launched in 2005, it completely revolutionized the way we consume content. It provided the world with a single platform where creativity, knowledge, and entertainment could come together. It's an area where anyone with a camera and an idea can reach millions of viewers across the globe and in the UAE, YouTube's influence is just as pronounced.

The Arab Emirates, known for its breathtaking architecture, expansive desert, rich culture, and cutting-edge modernity, has embraced this platform with all enthusiasm and zeal. Here, in the land of innovation and tradition, YouTube has become a requisite medium for content creators to share their stories, show their talents, and connect with audiences worldwide.

And amidst this naturally occurring content, brands swoop in to collaborate with YouTubers who have a decent following and a certain influence on their audience to advocate for their products or services.

Take, for example, Shein collaborated with an influencer marketing company to execute an influencer campaign while partnering with famous UAE YouTubers like Meera Stars, Saba Sharmaa, and more to boost awareness for the brand and to acquire and retain new customers. The aim was to enhance brand visibility and promote Shein’s clothing line. The creators created haul and review videos showcasing shein apparel targeting an audience seeking stylish and attractive outfits.

The result? The campaign generated 11.7 million average views with a 9.7% increment in engagement. This campaign boosted the brand’s visibility and strengthened Shein's presence in the UAE market.

Having said that, YouTubers are influential figures who wield sway over their audience's preferences and decisions. Their authentic storytelling and engaging content make them valuable to brands looking to connect with consumers genuinely and positively.

Now, let’s move ahead and get into the list of the top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE.

List of Top 10 YouTubers in Middle East 2024

Beats With Harnidh

1. Beats With Harnidh

YouTube: Beats With Harnidh


Harnidh captivates millions with her dance routines set to popular songs, blending humor and relatability in her entertaining vlogs and Q&A sessions.

About the Creator:

Harnidh Kaur Sodhi, known online as "Beats with Harnidh," is a young social media sensation from the UAE, renowned for her dance videos on YouTube. Harnidh has gained widespread fame through her interesting dance routines set to popular Indian songs and Hollywood songs as well.

Her YouTube channel was launched in March 2022 and currently, she has 5.16 million subscribers on her channel. Besides dance, she also shares funny and entertaining content like vlogs and Q&A sessions with her fans, adding to her charm and relatability​.

Sonia Barton

2. Sonia Barton

YouTube: Sonia Barton


Sonia’s cooking content is well-received for its simplicity and practicality which makes it easier for her viewers to replicate the recipes.

About the Creator:

Sonia Barton is a very popular UAE-based YouTuber known for her cooking channel. Sonia focuses on making complex recipes accessible and straightforward using common ingredients, often in a Desi style.

Her YouTube channel was launched in December 2010 and currently, she has 4.69 million subscribers on her channel. Sonia regularly uploads videos featuring a variety of dishes to help her audience create delicious meals at home.


3. Ragoode

YouTube: Ragoode


Radhad is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Middle East who creates content around fashion, beauty, Lifestyle, and whatnot.

About the Creator:

Ragoode, also known as Raghad, is a popular YouTuber from Jordan and currently lives in the Emirates. She posts various content on her channel including makeup tutorials, challenges, vlogs, tips, travel, and prank videos. Her channel is a mix of a little bit of everything and anything.

She started her YouTube channel in July 2020 and currently, she has over 3.61 million subscribers on her channel. Ragoode is a dental student and is known for her interest in photography and fashion.

Azza Zarour

4. Azza Zarour

YouTube: Azza Zarour


Azza Zarour's YouTube content is varied and covers multiple aspects of lifestyle, entertainment, and family.

About the Creator:

Azza Zarour is a popular YouTuber and social media personality from the United Arab Emirates. She is known for her engaging and diverse content, which includes lifestyle vlogs, beauty tips, travel diaries, and mostly, family-oriented videos.

She started her YouTube channel in November 2012 and currently, she has over 3.3 million subscribers on her channel. She shares clips from her life, stories, challenges with her family., pranks, music, singing, and many more.

Stefania Totolo

5. Stefania Totolo

YouTube: Stefania Totolo


Stefania's unique creativity sets her apart from other YouTubers. She constantly challenges herself to think outside the box and brings fresh and innovative content to her audience.

About the Creator:

Stefania Totolo is a UAE-based YouTuber known for her content that often features fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment. Stefania’s channel includes a mix of vlogs, tutorials, and personal stories, appealing to a diverse audience interested in the UAE lifestyle and entertainment.

She started her YouTube channel in April 2020 and currently, she has 2.93 million subscribers on her channel. Stefania also posts her workout videos by collaborating with other well-known fitness influencers. They bring excitement to their content through strength challenges, competitions, and humorous skits, and make fitness fun and engaging for their audience.


6. Khawlah

YouTube: Khawlah


Khawlah captivates her audience with travel vlogs and insightful lifestyle tips, making her a go-to source for adventure inspiration and practical travel advice.

About the Creator:

Khawlah is a UAE-based lifestyle and travel YouTuber known for her engaging content that showcases her adventures and experiences. She shares insights on various travel destinations, cultural experiences, and lifestyle tips.

She started her YouTube channel in October 2013 and currently, she has 2.47 million subscribers on her channel. Her videos include travel vlogs, destination guides, hotel and restaurant reviews, and personal lifestyle content, providing her audience with inspiration and practical advice for their travels and everyday life.

Nawaz Sharif

7. Nawaz Sharif

YouTube: Nawaz Sharif


Nawaz’s humorous skits and lifestyle vlogs add a personal touch to his content which allows viewers to connect with his daily experiences and unique perspective on life in the UAE.

About the Creator:

Nawaz Sharif is a UAE-based YouTuber known for his engaging content in the areas of humour, fitness, and lifestyle. His channel features a mix of comedic skits, fitness routines, and lifestyle vlogs, providing a diverse range of entertaining and informative videos for his audience.

He started his YouTube channel in 2020 and currently, he has 2.23 million subscribers on his channel. Sharif's fitness content often includes workout challenges, tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and collaborations with other fitness influencers.

Ahlam Alshamsi

8. Ahlam Alshamsi

YouTube: Ahlam Alshamsi


Ahlam captivates her audience with a blend of musical talent and charismatic presence on her popular YouTube channel.

About the Creator:

Ahlam Alshamsi, commonly known as Ahlam, is a renowned Emirati singer with a presence in the Arab music industry. She gained immense popularity as a judge on MBC's "Arab Idol" and "The Voice: Ahla Sawt," showcasing her influence and expertise in the music world.

She started her YouTube channel in December 2012 and currently, she has 1.47 million subscribers on her channel. She sometimes posts her interviews, album launch events, and award ceremony videos on her YouTube channel.

Fajer Aljumari

9. Fajer Aljumari

YouTube: Fajer Aljumari


Fajer Aljumairi is a UAE-based YouTuber and a health professional specializing in functional and lifestyle medicine.

About the Creator:

Fajer is dedicated to helping people achieve better health through lifestyle modifications and nutrition. Fajer’s journey began with her struggles with weight, skin issues, and anxiety, which she overcame through healthy eating and lifestyle changes after moving to the U.S.

She started her YouTube channel in January 2019 and currently, she has 991k subscribers on her channel. She shares insights on natural health remedies, functional medicine, and healthy living. Her content aims to empower her audience to take control of their health through practical advice and personal stories.​

Sandra Sahi

10. Sandra Sahi

YouTube: Sandra Sahi


Sandra Sahi is a famous singer and songwriter who possesses the voice of a nightingale and the ability to mesmerize audiences with her lyrical melodies.

About the Creator:

Sandra Sahi is a popular UAE-based singer-songwriter and YouTuber known for her song covers, original music, beauty videos, and vlogs. She gained attention with her debut cover of Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack"​. Sandra's YouTube channel features a mix of content, including covers of artists like Beyoncé and Zara Larsson.

She started her YouTube channel in August 2013 and currently, she has 905k subscribers on her channel. She is also known for her original music, blending different cultural influences, as seen in her debut album "Love Languages," which incorporates English, French, and Arabic

Wrapping Up

As we reach the end of our blog, we have understood the importance of YouTube in the country and how the platform has helped brands achieve their marketing success and the top YouTubers in the Emirates. These YouTubers in the UAE are the best of the best in the industry.