top influencer marketing company in India

Top Influencer Marketing Company in India

Videase is the leading influencer marketing company in India providing performance, growth, value and video content-driven influencer marketing services.

We help businesses & brands get their products or services position superior within the competitive market, strategizing the content, for better engagement and reach via social media influencers’ and content creators in the shared industry or genre.

Our agency has relationships with over 2 Lakhs+ social media influencers, content creators, artists and celebrities to ensure that your brand gets maximum traction.

The 6 years of unmatchable relationships have helped us to execute the influencer marketing campaigns very creatively.

We have a diverse range of influencers; ranging from the automotive and beauty industries to travel and fitness - from the micro level to the macro level.

We hand-pick the right influencer on the basis of content quality, engagement, previous collaborations, target audience, demographics & other aspects to best present your brand value proposition to the right demographic in the most effective way.

We formulate, design, strategize and execute hyper-personalized influencer marketing campaigns for your brand. Taking care of the customer journey, we successfully inspire actions powered by data, analytics, infotainment and educative videos.

Moreover, with the target audience assessment (crucial insights) & trend analysis, we give you the capabilities to adapt to your customers’ changing behaviour in real-time. Providing unprecedented growth opportunities through designing and executing, productive & effective strategies, we have helped more than 1000+ brands increase cognizance, reach, credibility and sales ROI at scale!

Our team of experienced influencer marketing experts, content strategists, marketers, scriptwriters and specialists will leave no stone unturned to cultivate maximum results. Hence, hire us today, to drive your desired success in record time. Let’s explore how it works!

How Our Top Influencer Marketing Strategy Works

Step 1

Analyzing Brand Goals

Analyzing Brand Goals for Influencer Marketing Campaign

The very first step in designing a successful campaign is to understand what the brand wants and the goals they will want to achieve from our influencer marketing company. By getting a clear idea of the client's objectives, we then focus on short-listing the influencers who are most likely to have the maximum impact. Furthermore, this enables us to choose the social media platform along with the suitable creators with the maximum likelihood of ensuring the campaign's success. See More

Step 2

Designing and Devising

Campaign Designing and Devising The Right influencer Marketing Strategy

Once the goals have been analyzed, the next step is to design a creative and engaging campaign. After selecting the best suitable creators, we create personalized stories that are memorable for the brand’s potential customers.
As engaging and educative content catches viewers’ attention, our best influencer marketing agency’s creative marketing techniques are customized to achieve our client's specific desires and goals. We aim to establish the brand’s supremacy over its competitors through well-curated strategies.
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Step 3

influencer marketing campaign execution

The Final Execution and Successful Delivery

The last and final step is to make the most of the subject matter expertise of our influencersand utilize their brand associations. We strive for maximum reach of the campaign by sharing our unique and tailored content over social media platforms which works like magic for our clients. The primary focus at Videase is to increase brand awareness, attract relevant website traffic, boost sales ROI, increase the number of app downloads, and much more through our powerful influencer marketing strategies. The campaign's success is calculated based on various KPIs that lead to improved ROIs, thereby making your brand a huge success. Feedbacks are taken seriously and are implemented accordingly. See More

Our Leading Influencer Marketing Agency Solutions

product placement for brand

Strategic Product Placements

By placing the logo or integrating brand products causally in the post/video made by the influencer, we help you get closer to your target demographic without actually advertising the product through loud conventional methods. When done in a subtle way, product placement could be a massive help. At Videase, we research consumer behaviour well and develop the best product placement ideas for your brand.

influencer marketing collaboration


The one basic but highly effective way to implement it is in the form of collaborations and sponsored content. Our leading influencer marketing agency also implements campaigns with more than one influencer collaboration. This way the reach is multiplied and the brand can leverage the follower base and the credibility of the all the influencers.

target audience for influencer campaign

Making The Audience A Part of The Campaign

When the audience gets a chance to directly participate in the promotional event, their interest is piqued and there is a natural curiosity about the brand or the product being endorsed or launched. By hosting regular contests, virtual competitions, and giveaways, we help your brand garner anticipated attention. Our team of professionals conducts detailed discussions with the influencers and designs events where the winning reward can create quite the buzz.

The Best Influencer Marketing Strategies For Every Social Media Platform

YouTube Influencer Marketing

For YouTube Influencer Marketing

With over 2.3 billion users, YouTube is one of the principal network. At Videase, we make the most of the platform with diverse niches, engagement ratios, micro-influencers variety , diversity of macro influencers, nano-influencers and quality of content to draw in more customers.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

For Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is probably the biggest platform for executing influencer marketing. People love to follow influencers on Instagram of their choice because of crisp information, which is why influencer marketing can be best carried on this podium. Power your brand with our top influencer marketing agency and make the most of Instagram as a social media and marketing platform.

Twitter Influencer Marketing

For Twitter Influencer Marketing

One of the crucial perks of Twitter is that it allows the customers to directly make their views public, and that gives the brand a quick insight into how the product is being received and consumer behaviour. Through regular and relevant tweets, we bring you closer to the audience and assist you in developing a highly invested community of followers for whatever you sell.

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

For LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok and More!

Our visionary marketers know, how to reach & convince your target consumers most effectively on the key social media channels they are available on. So, wherever, they spend their time, we will make the right message reach them timely. We understand different social media networks and their algorithm. Moreover, we also keep an eagle eye on updates and policies of these networks.

Why You Should Choose Our Best Influencer Marketing Agency Services - Our USP’s

6+ Years of Experience

Over 6+ Years of Experience:

We have over 6 years of experience in content creation and influencer marketing. This has equipped us to scale any level of business’ branding and create a notch personalized strategy.

Over 2 Lakhs+ Influencers on Board

Over 2 Lakhs+ Influencers on Board:

Videase provides the best influencer marketing services because of the strong network of connections with more than 2 lakh social media influencers & content creators overvaried area of expertise that includes Fashion,Lifestyle,Entertainment, Finance, Comedy, Gaming, Social Media, Travel, Automobile, Dance, Health & Fitness and even the latest Tech. So no matter which industry you belong to, we will have the perfect verified influencers/ creators for promoting your brand. See More

Effective Strategy for content creation

Highly Effective Strategies for Content Creation:

We have a team of experts with profound knowledge and experience in the field of content creation. They come up with unique concepts and accomplish them perfectlyso that your brand can emerge as the winner from our influencer marketing strategies. This way, you can avail of quality content that effectively increases your profits. See More

Customized Influencer Marketing Strategies for Brands

Data-Driven and Customized Strategies for Every Brand:

As mentioned before, all our strategies and campaigns are based on real-time data and consumer behavioural science as well as the goals and objectives of our clients. This way, we plan our influencer marketing campaigns with methods that not only increase the customer base and offer top-notch customer service but also keep them happy and help them to acquire the results they aim for. See More

Team for influencer marketing

A Separate Team for All Your Needs:

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals not only helps you connect and design the campaign but also provides all the assistance you will ever need to make your company a successful venture. We understand that concepts of digital marketing are fairly new and you will have a bunch of queries. Thus we provide complete support and answer all the questions that our clients might have while providing them with helpful advice. See More

manage relationship of brands and clients

Managing Influencer and Client Relations:

We know how difficult it gets when you have to manage the interpersonal relations between the brand and the influencer. Thankfully, at Videase we take care of this aspect as well and ensure that there’s a healthy relationship between the influencer and our client. This paves the way for long-term and effective partnership and collaboration for future endeavours as well. See More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: As compared with the returns, the cost of an influencer campaign is well balanced. The total expense depends on factors like the level of influencer i.e. micro/macro/nano, creativity, digital and technical support, and the scale of the campaign.

Ans: Influencer Marketing is a big fragment of digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to the use of the internet for promoting and advertising a product or a brand (Digital media).

Influencer marketing is the crucial component of digital marketing where an influencer is hired to promote/endorse a certain product.

Ans: It is ideal for all sort of businesses, be it a micro establishment or huge, thriving commercial organisation. The scale of the business does not matter as long as you have a trusted influencer marketing platform.