Top Gaming Influencers in India 2024 - Top Gaming Instagrammers 2024

  • Posted On : 2024-25-06
Top Gaming Influencers in India 2024 - Top Gaming Instagrammers 2024

Video games presents an escape from the mundane reality and in this world of great storylines, relatable characters, and fascinating graphics, there exists a pantheon of modern-day demigods: the Indian gaming influencers conquering uncharted territories, weaving engagements, unraveling the secrets of famous gameplays, or forging bonds in multiplayer arenas. These digital gladiators aren't just players—they're engineering excitement, developing chaos, and singing the charisma of the new age.

According to Statista, Indian Gaming influencers have become real-life superheroes for 491 million gamers. They reign supreme with their lucrative gaming skills and content that connects with the audience with a personalized touch. The top gaming influencers in India have fraternities that rely on them for tips, tricks, and recommendations to enrich their gaming experiences.

These social media wizards narrate stories from their personal experiences. They combine their love for video games with fundraisers, charity streams, and awareness campaigns for higher reach. All their efforts play a crucial role in shaping the Indian gaming industry, which is on a trajectory of a $7.5 billion valuation in 2028 (Source: Statista). Gaming brands now have an excellent opportunity to promote their product through the opinions of the best gaming influencers in India.

But who are gaming influencers? Let’s start from scratch and walk our way towards the top Indian gamers on Instagram.

Who Are Gaming Influencers?

Gaming influencers are professional gamers and content creators who use social media to demonstrate their vast knowledge and insane skills. They are specialists with acute understanding of industry trends and culture. Indian gaming influencers entertain their vast communities with their pre-recorded gameplays, playing hacks, commentary, reactions, professionalism and skills. These top-tier gamers take this one step further by combining their gaming videos with strategies to bring reach and visibility for their brand partners.

The success of gaming brands and their products firmly rest on the shoulders of India's leading gaming Instagrammers. The authority that comes with being the central figures in the Indian gaming landscape allows the Gaming Instagrammers to affect their followers' opinions with every review and action.

Now that we understand who gaming Gaming influencers are and their role - let us look at their types and subsequent areas of expertise, as specified by the leading influencer marketing agency in India.

Types of Gaming Influencers on Instagram

Instagram provides an excellent platform for gaming creators to show their skills, connect with their community, or just connect. You will find a variety of gamers on the platform. .

India’s top influencer marketing agency usually places the Indian gaming influencers in the following categories -

  1. Professional Gamers:These gaming Instagrammers are the people who play games at a professional level. They use the platform to share highlights of the matches, upcoming events, advanced levels of games, etc.
  2. Content Creators:These gamers stream their games and create content around popular games to gain followers. They also include funny commentaries, collaborations, etc., to get as much engagement as possible.
  3. Cosplaying Gamers:These passionate gaming Instagrammers take their love for the field to another level by dressing up in costumes. They try to bring the characters of their favorite games to life. They often share their progress in cosplay, convention experience, etc.
  4. Retro Gamers:These gaming Instagrammers are those who hold onto their love for old-age games like Mario. They just promote the appeal of old games and stream them.
  5. Collectors:These are the ones who are fascinated by collecting the most exclusive gaming items, from Pokemon cards to gaming consoles or artwork. They then trade them at high prices by participating in trading communities.

Now, let’s explore the list of the best gamers on Instagram, curated by Videase, the top influencer marketing company in India.

Top Indian Gaming Influencers on Instagram

Ajey Nagar

1. Ajey Nagar

Instagram: carryminati


Ajey hops between different entertainment narratives to present unique experiences for his subscribers. The Indian gamer has some of the best gaming edits on social media.

About the Gamer:

When we talk about the most famous gaming influencers in India, one name, Ajay Nagar, naturally takes its spot amongst the industry greats. Ajey Nagar, aka Carryminati, brings his comedic humor and personality during his gaming streams. Ajay Nagar has broken the shackles of traditional gaming content. Every video he features on his channel comes with engaging commentary and overblown reactions that attract scores of viewership every time.

Ajey Nagar displays his gamer side on his channel Carryislive. Instagram is a reflection of Ajey's social media influence. He uses his creativity to introduce trends and inspire people to follow in his footsteps.


2. Nishchay

Instagram: triggeredinsaan


Nischay Malhan brings easy going Vibes to his content that makes it easier for his audience to get into and leave with a smile on their faces. The Indian gamer includes mimicry, jokes and expressions to hold his viewers attention.

About the Gamer:

Nishchay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan for his roasts and live Insaan for his gaming skills, is one of the best content creators in India. His humor and artistic narration are turning heads, contributing heavily to his social media stardom. Nishchay goes out of his way to communicate with his followers.

The gamer represents Team Vitality as its brand ambassador. He has included games like Spider-Man, Hitman, Resident Evil, Minecraft, GTA V, and Granny into his extensive gaming repertoire, which he streams on Instagram and YouTube.


3. Ajay

Instagram: totalgaming_official


Ajay introduces new and old games into his content creation mix. The gamer plays PC and mobile games.

About the Gamer:

Ajay, or Ajju Bhai, is famous for his stage name, “Total Gaming.” This is also the name of his YouTube channel, which boasts one of the highest subscriber numbers amongst the top gaming influencers in India. Ajau is widely known for playing games like Free Fire, Call of Duty, GTA 5, etc.

Ajay marches to every battlefield with exceptional esports athlete performance. His acute sense of reasoning, vast experience, and impressionable personality set him apart in the industry. Ajay watches his competitors Move like a hawk and makes the most efficient moves, leaving his onlookers impressed.

Naman Mathur

4. Naman Mathur

Instagram: ig_mortal


Naman Mathur plays different games. He keeps tabs on the latest releases of his favorite video games and keeps his followers updated on the same.

About the Gamer:

Naman, widely known by his stage name “Mortal,” is one of the best gaming Instagrammers in India. He has represented the country internationally in games like PUBG and has also participated in other home competitions that have won him cookie points amongst national audiences.

Naman Mathur's in-game skills put him among the elites. His fluent strategic display during live competitions and gameplay keeps the audience glued to their screens. With constant adaptability to market trends, Naman weaves exciting stories through his gaming content, helping him foster a community that draws inspiration from his every move. Nationwide Gamers visit his Instagram profile daily to enjoy Naman's live streams, funny reels, reactions, dialogues, and collaborations.

Mithilesh Patankar

5. Mithilesh Patankar

Instagram: mythpat


Mithilesh Patankar is a master of mimicry. He constantly add new video game characters for impersonation in his videos.

About the Gamer:

Mithilesh Patankar, aka Mythpat, has reached the peak of his content creation journey. His rise to social media stardom was swift as millions fell in love with the gamer's humor, expressions, and knowledge.

Mithilesh Patankar is the ambassador for Intel. He features games on his social media handles, including GTA, Pokemon, Watch Dogs, Minecraft, PUBG, and Hitman.


6. Payal

Instagram: payalgamingg


Payal Dhare takes casual observers into the virtual video game reality through her commentary. The gamer presents unfiltered opinions about specific games or gaming gadgets.

About the Gamer:

Payal, known as Payal Gaming, is widely famous for playing games like Valorant or GTA 5. What is interesting about her is that she did not pursue gaming—instead, gaming found her, and she embraced her calling wholeheartedly. Payal Dhare has received multiple awards and recognitions for her illustrious career.

Payal is successful in her efforts to attract an audience to her social media. Her gameplay clips and commentary are always in the Instagram trending section. As a popular female gamer Instagrammer in India, she motivates female players who wish to turn their passion into a career.

Aditya Sawant

7. Aditya Sawant

Instagram: dynamo__gaming


Aditya Sawant does aftergame rundowns to break down his solo or squad battle experiences. This way his followers can get immediate insights on ways to improve their skills.

About the Gamer:

Aditya, known as Dynamo Gaming, is one of the finest Indian gaming Instagrammers in India. He found video games fascinating at a young age. His interest grew into a passion, and today, Aditya creates the best gameplays that entertain millions on Instagram and YouTube. He boasts an impressive engagement rate. The gamer's reels gross hundreds of thousands of views within minutes of upload.

Aditya started as a gaming content creator with Pubg and eventually extended his career to Call of Duty and BGMI. The gamer streams almost every day. When he is not leaving his competition in the dust with his in-game performance, Aditya participates in multiple humanitarian and social causes.


8. Kaashvi

Instagram: kaaashvi


Kaashvi represents S8UL esports. She makes acute observations during her live streams gameplay - this diverts audience focus to key aspects of a video game.

About the Gamer:

Kaashvi Hiranandani is next on our list. She is amongst the rising female Gamers who are clearing pathways for more girls to access the gaming niche. Kaashvi streams various video games, from mobile devices to desktops, on her gaming YouTube channel, “Kaash Plays.”

Kaashvi Hiranandani’s social media posts include vlogs on diverse topics. She skillfully displays her gaming side and occasionally lets her followers peek into her hobbies, computer-related habits, and behind-the-scenes activities.

Ritik And Jash

9. Ritik And Jash

Instagram: twosidegamers


Ritik And Jash engage in competitions, challenges and squad battles all the time. Each Gamers something different to the fold, which makes for entertaining times for their followers.

About the Gamer:

Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka are two of the most famous Indian gamers on Instagram. The Duo is Better known by their stage name, Two Side Gamers. They bring unfiltered skills to the game of free fire. They have been invited to free fire competitions at National and international levels. The two gamers boast impressive records in solo and squad games.

Ritik and Josh also include us and the fall guys in their gameplay. They regularly talk about gaming and industry growth on Instagram. The gamers share their personal lifestyles, which gets them tons of engagement from a broad audience. They have been a part of multiple brand collaborations that churn impressive results.

Check out the list of top Indian gaming YouTubers

Shagufta Iqbal

10. Shagufta Iqbal

Instagram: xyaalive


Shagufta Iqbal is a gamer, streamer and content creator. She prioritizes first person shooter games for her content.

About the Gamer:

Xyaa, aka Shagufta Iqbal, is a former software engineer turned full-time gaming creator and live streamer. She has extended her reach into multiple platforms and now stands at the pinnacle of the gaming industry, which everyone looks up to for tips, tricks, and motivation.

Shagufta Iqbal plays video games like God of War, UNO, Battlefield, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto IV. Her skills have attracted a devoted following for her tutorials, reactions, walkthroughs, and vlogs - every day. National and international brands recognize her credibility. Shagufta has collaborated with companies like Intel, Logitech, and Loco.


11. Animesh

Instagram: 8bit_thug


Animesh monitors gaming industry trends and audience preferences in real time. He is quick to switch out existing video concepts for new ones that resonate with his followers better.

About the Gamer:

Meet the one and only Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, the master of multitasking with a sizable social media following. He shares his talents with the world on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Animesh has helped new gamers, influencers, and brands break into the gaming industry. He also went on to found the talent agency 8bit Creatives, which represents some of India's top video game personalities.

Rohan Ledwani

12. Rohan Ledwani

Instagram: rohan_ledwani


Rohan Ledwani themes his content with emphasis on continuous storytelling. The Indian gamer has a distinct Editing style that sets his videos apart.

About the Gamer:

Rohan Ledwani, or Hydraflick, is the ultimate gamer if you are a fan of first-person shooter games like Valorant. He uses Instagram to share tutorials, reviews, and analysis to help his followers develop the best skills and tactics. Rohan breaks down the complete mechanics of a video game—- from graphics and characters to storylines, hardware, and Software.

Rohan Ledwani remains the forebearer of the Indian gaming community. He continues to play a pivotal role in ushering in the new generation of gaming content creators. The gaming influencer's growing community and industry authority make him an ideal candidate for gaming brands' marketing initiatives.

To Sum Up

Numerous gamers in India look up to gaming influencers for advice, motivation, and experience. These Indian gamers on Instagram in the esports industry have areas of expertise in tutorials, recommendations, commentary, and promotions, in addition to gameplay and strategies.

In one sense, these influencers are "idols" to millions of people who are regarded as social media experts. Their enormous fan bases and reputation benefit gaming brands looking to make their names in the industry. And you can do this with the help of an influencer marketing agency like Grynow.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!